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Wishlist Product is $0.00 price

Wishlist Product is $0.00 price

Just wondering why Im getting $0.00 prices in Wishlist Page for all products even though all products has its own prices. Note that prices on product page appears correctly except on the wishlist page which is always $0.00 for all product. the $block->getDisplayValue() returns 0 not sure where its pull data.


Re: Wishlist Product is $0.00 price

I've seen this happen for configurable and bundle products where the item was added to the wishlist from the product gallery/listing page (versus the product details page). It seems that if a product is added to the wishlist without selecting any configurable options, Magento displays the Base Price. If the Base Price is empty (or, more specifically, generated from the price for each configurable product's price) then it displays $0.00 since the product's price is dependent on the option selected. This was, at least, the scenario I had where I saw this.


However, once a configurable option is chosen, the correct price will show up in the Wishlist. As much as it appears to a customer that there are free products for them to purchase in their wishlist, they just haven't provided enough information to Magento (nor to anyone wanting to purchase something from this person's wishlist) to determine a price.


The desired functionality here should mimic what is done when trying to add a configurable product to your cart -- you would be taken to the product details page to select the configurable options and then select "Add to Cart" or, in this case, "Add to Wish List".

Re: Wishlist Product is $0.00 price

Here is a quick solution for it (100% success):

[Solved] Magento Error: Wrong total price in wishlist page

Follow the instruction, if it still doesn't work, I will help!

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Re: Wishlist Product is $0.00 price

the fix of tigren works but if when you want to add to cart the product magent get an error because dont know the specifi child simple product its necessary a validation for select specif option color, size, custom attribute

Re: Wishlist Product is $0.00 price

yes it is working only wishlist/index/index page


but customer dashboard wishlist price is showing 0.00. how to fix this issue.


I am facing two issue.

1.  wishlist/index/index page product price is 0

2. customer dashboard wishlist  product price



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