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back office tasks via APIs

back office tasks via APIs

We are looking to move from our in house custom e-commerce system to an open source cart.

Our team has a strong .Net background and most of our in house applications are .Net based.

The intention with Magento CE would be to have the front end part of the site & product upkeep (images, descriptions) done directly on the site.

All of the other back office tasks (stock levels, order status, customer queries, marketing) would be done via our in-house apps using a API calls.
This would allow us to keep the install as close to vanilla as possible but still give us the option to customise the workflows for our customer service staff. 


My questions are:
1. Do the APIs generally mainly remain static when upgrading/updating?

2. I've seen a few details about extending the APIs, are there any restrictions we should be aware of. Or is it possible to create an API for any function that would be possible if logged in?

Naturally if this is a bad idea for any reasons I would be happy to hear about that.