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can i remove/edit page bottom in Luma Theme


can i remove/edit page bottom in Luma Theme

I am working my way through using Magento 2.2.2. I am building my website based on Luma. Just wonder how can I remove or edit the content at the bottom of the page. All pages have "Privacy and Cookie Policy
Search Terms
Orders and Returns
Advanced Search
Contact Us

I don't think this comes from a widget. Is it a fixed item in Luma theme? How can I move it as well as the newsletter subscribe box?


Re: can i remove/edit page bottom in Luma Theme

If you want to remove all the links/blocks from the footer that come by default, remove the reference block


Simple override the Luma theme default.xml file into your custom theme default.xml file


Path -  Vendor_Name/Custom_Theme_Name/Magento_Theme/layout/default.xml


write below code in it :


<referenceBlock name="footer_links" remove="true"/>

Same way you can remove specific footer blocks as well.


Ex - Lets say you want to remove Privacy and Cookie Policy

so you can write below code :


<referenceBlock name="privacy-policy-link" remove="true"/>

Name of Footer link block:

Privacy and Cookie Policy: privacy-policy-link

Search Terms: search-term-popular-link

Contact Us: contact-us-link

Advanced Search: catalog-search-advanced-link

Orders and Returns: sales-guest-form-link


Refer this link for more details :

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