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customer_save_after in Magento 2?


customer_save_after in Magento 2?

Hello there,

I'm looking for an observer event relevant to customer_save_after in Magento 1.x. This event should be global events for a better world.


At this moment I have to hook into 2 events: adminhtml_customer_save_after and customer_register_success

I'm now considering to switch to customer_save_after_data_object, but I'm not sure that is a correct way to do this.


Please give me your advise, suggestions. Any help would be appreciated


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Re: customer_save_after in Magento 2?

Magento 2 triggers the same «customer_save_after» event:

Re: customer_save_after in Magento 2?

I'm using observer event which listed here:

And «customer_save_after» is not available in that list. It makes my concernation. 


Thanks for your answer.


P/s: Is it safe to use it as a global events?


I am a high-functioning psychopath.

Re: customer_save_after in Magento 2?

The customer model extends the AbstractModel and here you have the following event triggered in the before/after save methods:


$this->_eventManager->dispatch($this->_eventPrefix . '_save_after', $this->_getEventData());


And in case of customer model, $this->_eventPrefix = customer so you can use the event customer_save_after