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customized check out process

customized check out process

I have multiple websites all under one magento install and under one I.P. address. Is it possible using a module such as sage pay for site B to utilize Site A checkout system instead of having to use two seperate checkout proceedures?


So user on site B complets selecting there purchase/s and then selects to 'Checkout'. Normally they would go through the standard checkout proceedure, create account [if required] process payemnt etc


What we would like is for the account to be created but when the client selects checkout that they are directed to our main wholesale website for payment processing.  I understand that would mean all items selected, client information etc would need to be sent to website A (the wholesale site)..


We would also like to take this a steop further if possible.when we hand of the information to site A for processing is it possible that instead of showing the item required to generate a unique alpha/numerical code that relates to the specific items requested by the client instead of saying the name of the item.  so for example fluffy toy would become abcd1234


complicated process I know but is it possible?