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how to create a module witout error?

how to create a module witout error?

the vendor and module folders are named differently, so as not to publish the real names, I named them by default. How do I fix this error? To run php bin / magento install command: update

I am trying to create a module, but when I update I get the error:
Invalid document: / var / www / dev / web / app / code / vendor / module / e
tc / module.xml

DOMDocument :: loadXML (): empty string provided as input in /var/www/dev/web/vendor/magento/framework/Xml/Parser.php on line 161
code in xml file ():


<? xml version = "1.0"?>
<config xmlns: xsi = "" xsi: noNamespaceSchemaLocation = "urn: magento: framework: Module / etc / module. xsd ">
<module name =" vendor_module "setup_version =" 1.0.0 ">
<module name =" magento_module "/>




Re: how to create a module witout error?

please delete this post. My question is done. 

Another file xml  was created in the module which caused the error. Thank.

Re: how to create a module witout error?

I am not aware of a way of checking without an error being raised; however, notice that the issue is that it was an Uncaught Error, not that an error was thrown. The pattern for catching such an error is the following.

try { angular.module("ngRoute") } catch(err) { /* failed to require */ }

If an error is caught, you can try the other module, and if not, you can use the first.

If your behavior will be the same for each module, you could do something like the following, in which we define a function which will attempt the first of the listed module names, and if an error is thrown, try the next option.

var tryModules = function(names) {
  // accepts a list of module names and
  // attempts to load them, in order.

  // if no options remain, throw an error.
  if( names.length == 0 ) {
    throw new Error("None of the modules could be loaded.");

  // attempt to load the module into m
  var m;
  try {
    m = angular.module(names[0])
  } catch(err) {
    m = null;

  // if it could not be loaded, try the rest of
  // the options. if it was, return it.
  if( m == null ) return tryModules(names.slice(1));
  else return m;

tryModules(["ngRoute", "ui.router"]);