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how to remove a blog from a page?

how to remove a blog from a page?

I want to delete a blog but I can't find its title in the pages tab.
How can I find and delete the blog?


Re: how to remove a blog from a page?

How to remove Blog from top menu

To remove blog from top menu of your site, you'll need to edit aw_blog. .


Go to the installation root of your site, open app/design/frontend/default/themeXXX/layout/aw_blog. .Search for the following code and remove it: .

After you're done, save the changes and check the site.

Re: how to remove a blog from a page?

  1. Log into your WordPress admin panel.
  2. Look to the left-hand sidebar menu and click the Settings option.
  3. From the expanded menu, click on the Reading option.
  4. You are brought to the Reading Settings page.

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Re: how to remove a blog from a page?

Hi there,

To remove a blog from a page, you'll typically need to access your website's backend or content management system (CMS), depending on where your blog is hosted. Here are some general steps you can follow:

1. **Login to Your CMS**: Log in to the backend of your website using your credentials. This could be a platform like WordPress, Blogger, Wix, etc.

2. **Navigate to the Blog Section**: Once logged in, navigate to the section of your CMS where your blog posts are managed. This might be labeled as "Posts," "Blog," or something similar.

3. **Locate the Blog Post**: Look through the list of blog posts to find the one you want to delete. You can typically filter or search for posts by title to locate the specific one you're looking