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modals-wrapper creating "not secure" pages

modals-wrapper creating "not secure" pages

Coming standard in Luma etc is a login form on every page under the modals-wrapper div, usually at the bottom of the page.


The problem with this is that if the page is not served in SSL it shows a "not secure" sign in the chrome and firefox browsers.  Maybe others.  This is basically that any login info on a non SSL page shows a not secure warning.  


Can the form code be removed?  What does it do as I do not see a way to access this form? 


The site can be used to see the problem



Re: modals-wrapper creating "not secure" pages

It looks like the problem is coming from type="password" in:

<input name="password" type="password" class="input-text" id="pass" data-bind="attr: {autocomplete: autocomplete}" data-validate="{required:true}" autocomplete="off">

Maybe the code is coming from 


But when I edit that file there is no change on the site. Does anyone know how this works?