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my SOAP is a lame duck

my SOAP is a lame duck



I have a performace problem with magento2.1 


In my shop I have 90.000 products. I added this products with soap. When I did this it tooks round about 7 seconds for each article (Request>Response). In summary it tooks a view days to init all products. 


Now all products are in the shop. All few weeks I have to update some things on the articles. When I do this with soap again, it takes the same duration. When I do updates the shop is inusable. An example request and response are here:


My server have a 12core cpu, 24gb ram and ssd. Its running Ubuntu16.04 with apache2 php7-fpm and mysql.


When I watch the update process I see that 5 cores with mysql are at 100% php is working a little bit and the rest is idle. the ram is only a smal amount used

iotop says that my ssd is bored. 


I watched the database performance and saw that magento fired in the adding process thousands of commands to the database. Is this ok? 


When I update it with the magento csv import it is much more faster.


What can I do to speed this magento2 up? In this situation its unpossible to work well with this shop. 


thank you in advance