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phpUnit test returns null

phpUnit test returns null

I have written code and test. I want to test that the function return what expected. The issue that I have is that the test returns null. but I know that the Magento function return 1 when no categories have been created (I created simple module with button in admin area to see what might be wrong). I am new at testing so please can anyone tell me what am I doing wrong? (The function when it is completed should return false when getCount is 1 and otherwise when categories exists return true). I have understood that the test I have written is not Unit test but Integration test, because it needs result from external function.


My Module code

public function anyCategoriesExist() {
$totalCategoriesInStore = $this->_categoryManagement->getCount();
return $totalCategoriesInStore;

My test


public function setUp(){
$objectManager = new \Magento\Framework\TestFramework\Unit\Helper\Objectmanager($this);
public function test categoryExists(){
$this->assertEuqals(1, $this->anyCategoriesExist->anyCategoriesExist());




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