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problem with permission


problem with permission


I'm posting here because I can't find a better section for my question.

Now: I've Magento 2.1.7 , and in the home of my admin section, I see this error:


"Your web server is configured incorrectly and allows unauthorized access to sensitive files. Please contact your hosting provider."


How I can see what files/directory has wrong permissions?

Thank you!


Re: problem with permission

You need to check Magento links for a gives to permission,



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Re: problem with permission

Sounds like you have file permissions issues. Running these lines should fix the permissions:


cd <your Magento install dir>
find var vendor pub/static pub/media app/etc -type f -exec chmod u+w {} \;
find var vendor pub/static pub/media app/etc -type d -exec chmod u+w {} \;
chmod u+x bin/magento
You'll also want to ensure you have proper ownerships setup. Typically, website files should be owned by the user account that the web server is ran under (ex. `www-data`). So you will also want to run:
chown -R www-data:www-data <your Magento installation>
Replacing www-data with that user account (apache, www, nginx, etc).

Mark Shust · ZCE, MCD+