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tutorial --Install basic module from scratch --

tutorial --Install basic module from scratch --

Hey All!


There is a lot of module build tutorial without all the information and screenshot how to install a module. 


So , I make a tutorial how to build basic module for magento 2


Any tutorial to share will be great for us to learn the new magetno 2 platformSmiley Very Happy


Please give me Kudos and stars or be kind to share knowlage in my website or in your website and share.



Nir Goldman



Re: tutorial --Install basic module from scratch --

Hello Goldman,

There is two way to install an extension in magento2 first one using composer and second is manually, here I am explaining second one.

Use the following steps:

  1. Download the package

  2. Copy and paste under the Magento root directory, the folder structure should be like this: magento_root/app/code/Package name/Modulename.

  3. Go to the Magento root directory

  4. Run the command : sudo php bin/magento setup:upgrade

  5. Delete the di, generation and cache from var/

  6. Run the command: sudo php bin/magento setup:di:compile

  7. Run the command: sudo php bin/magento cache:clean

  8. Give the read and execute permission var/di, var/generation, var/cache

  9. Clear the cache

  10. You are done.

Re: tutorial --Install basic module from scratch --

This tutorial is good for those who are new and learning to build their own Magento extension.

There are 6 steps for creating a new Magento 2 extension:

  • Step 1: Make module folder:
  • Step 2: Add module.xml to declear the module
  • Step 3: Create registration.php to register the module
  • Step 4: How to Install, Enable or Disable/remove the module
  • Step 5: Route of the module.
  • Step 6: Controller and action.


You can read the tutorial for more detail on each step.

Good luck!