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404 for configurable products created via REST API

404 for configurable products created via REST API

I am creating configurable products via API following the official tutorial:


I am trying either via curl script, or manually using postman.
I get all responses as described in the tutorial.
However the configurable product is not visible, and when trying to access via URL Key I get a 404. If I try via /catalog/product/view/id/779 I also get a 404.

The conf product is set as visible in catalog and search, it is In Stock, it has the same categories as the simple products. The simple products are In Stock with a Qty above the threshold for display. They are set to not be visible individually. All of them are accessible via url. If I set them as visible in catalog then they appear, but the conf product still does not show and link return 404.

Any idea how to debug this ?