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Add/remove form fields in magento 2

Add/remove form fields in magento 2


I am new to know magento and i need to do customizations for the extensions,

I want to know "How to add/remove form fields using custom module override for the vendor signup form in the frontend"

Please can any one have a clear example for fields add/remove..Which files and functions and how to navigate(search) through the core files code to override.


Re: Add/remove form fields in magento 2

Hi @KiranL


I understand your problem - as an learner its quite difficult to understand which files needs to add/edit to add custom fields.


Well starting from basic - in magento 2 you can customized/extend module using many ways like using plugins , using events observers , overriding module , creating your custom module as well !


so based on the situation and customization required you need to choose options for that.


Coming back to your exact question - you can create a custom module in app/code directory of magento 2 root directory.


Here i am sharing a link which gives you exact insight how to create a custom module and how to add custom fields in contact form page  -


I have choose contact page example for you because as a first step its good idea to learn how to add custom field in existing forms so .


You can also refer this for the same  -


Hope it helps !

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