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Advice: Do perform a BACKUP before a BACKUP

Advice: Do perform a BACKUP before a BACKUP

Funny (well, either funny or go crazy!)


Spent most of this week trying to get Mage2 working. Which I actually did only yesterday (96hrs later, including having to rent another host which support CLI, CRON, and Composer). Days like those reminds you that although modern humans do benefit from 'semi-advanced' technologies, it doesn't necessarily constitute simplicity in any of its sense. 60+ years after a moon landing.... go figure (just try to imagine what ICT will look like in 25 years from now lollll)


While my Magento Verison 2.0 seemed stable, I decided it was time to run a Magento backup and guess what, all went offline and I am yet to identify the cause and how to bring it back online. Decided to go walk the dogs for a change instead but before I do I'd like to warn you that if you perform a backup from the Admin > System > Backup magento scripts, chances are... you'll need to reinstall everything to get it working again (irony!)


Unless its faster to go inside the code and figure out what went wrong, find/replace the table/values to get it to publish, then maybe.


Use at your own risk!


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