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Amazon Pay after Integration Error

Re: Amazon Pay after Integration Error

How to work with this error? 

I'm Saad Ashraf. I am a Senior Web Developer Dubai. I work with creative agencies in UAE to manage and assist in their projects.

Re: Amazon Pay after Integration Error

It is like almost the same issue we had couple months ago. You know, to build a great mobile friendly website, or separate mobile app - you need to perform complex work on all levels of development and all kinds of maintenance. Few months ago, when our company, that specializes on taxi market, faced a problem with some functionality (and also laggs, bugs, etc) of our website, as well as mobile app, we just asked ourselves How much does it cost to build an app (from the scratch). We've solved it by hiring a separate dev team, that nowadays supports all levels of our online business.

Re: Amazon Pay after Integration Error

When you get an error from the Amazon Pay API section operations, you might be able to retry that operation depending on the nature of the error. Properly formed operation requests are idempotent – that is, if you call the same operation on an already successful request, you don'tt create a duplicate transaction.

For billing agreement requests, the idempotency key is the AmazonBillingAgreementId. For amazon removal fees, Capture, and Refund requests, the idempotency key is the AuthorizationReferenceId, CaptureReferenceId, and RefundReferenceId, respectively. For example, you cannot refund against the same capture object more than once if you provide the same RefundReferenceId. This functionality lets you safely retry any operation call if the error meets the conditions described in the table below.