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Amazon Sales Channel

Amazon Sales Channel

I was excited to come across this extension on the Marketplace, since it looked very promising. It seemed to list all of the capabilities we needed.


  1. When I try to connect the Magento store to the Amazon store...
  2. I am taken to the “Authorize new developer” screen on Amazon. I check the box stating I understand and click the Next button.
  3. Then I receive this error:
    Something went wrong
    This Developer is not currently eligible for new authorizations.
    Error Code: MD9000

Did Adobe forget to renew their Amazon developer account or am I doing something wrong?


Some version info:

  • Amazon Sales Channel 4.4.0
  • Amazon Professional Account in the US (already have products listed for a few years).
  • Magento Community 2.4.2

Also, is there a way to manually bypass this step, like to by manually authorizing the developer on this screen? If so what info should I use?