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If I have 187 items in a group and 9 attributes but not all 9 attributes will apply to all 187 items. How do I go about creating attributes without having to go item by item. For instance, if 36 of one group have 7 of the 9 attributes can you multi select products and attributes or do you need to do it one by one.


Re: Attributes

Hi @sarrah_eckel,


If I understand correctly the problem that you mentioned, there are 3 ways of doing this:

  • If the value of those attribute is not mandatory, you can simply leave the value empty in  your product
  • If you identify a product group (a set of products with the same attributes since you mentioned that there are products with 7 attributes), you can create attribute sets
  • If you are creating configurable products, then you can choose the configurable attributes that will be available in your product



Best regards.


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