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Automatically generated code within URL's

Automatically generated code within URL's



We are experiencing issues with seemingly random html tags and script tags within automatically generated URL's. 


See screenshot of Screaming Frog for the 404's:


And also for newly created (and somehow valid) URL's:


These URL's are either 404 links on an unknown and unfindable 14 KB image or it actually lands on an indexable page on our domain. 

  • Link path makes no sense to me
  • The type of link is either an image that cant be found on the webpage or a hyperlink that cannot be found on the webpage (mobile and desktop).

It is also worth noting that only the Dutch domain has this issue; the other domains such as .de and do not have this issue. Also, the subdomains of automatically get the suffix .html added at the end of each URL.


Thus, the main question is: how do these links get created with random code added at the end and where should I be looking for finding a solution? 


Any input is greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!