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Blank page in backend, after adding CDN


Blank page in backend, after adding CDN

I have added a CDN to my Magento installation (2.3.5-p1). I put this url to "Base Url (secure)" under Secure Base URL for Static View Files. 


The CDN is working great, but I have some problems in the back end now. 

1. If I go to Sales > Orders, Sales > invoices, Sales > Shipments, Sales > Credit Memos, Magento is going to that page, I see a loading screen a few seconds, but it does not show the table with the order numbers, names, etc. I do see the Magento menu on the left and I can navigate through it, I also see the title "Orders" in the upper left, I also see the magnifying glass, bell and person icon on the right. The only thing that does not show up is the table with all the order information.

2. If I go to catalog > products, it is not showing the table with all products

3. If I go to catalog > categories, I see the categories menu on the left, but I do not see all the information like url, content, Search Engine, etc.


Does anyone know what is blocking this?