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Blank screen on my website

Blank screen on my website

Dear forum users.


Recently i've installed Magento Community Edition 2. I've filled up all the information, (name, language, database information etc). So, my installation was finished, i ended up on a screen with: "Go to admin panel". So i clicked it, and my site just went totally white. Nothing else, just blank, white.


I've enabled error message's in my index file, and it says:

    [type] => 64
    [message] => require(): Failed opening required '/home/larskmf248/domains/' (include_path='/home/larskmf248/domains/')
    [file] => /home/larskmf248/domains/
    [line] => 71


So i looked up into my FTP, and the path: vendor/composer/../../app/etc/NonCompuserComponentRegistration.php" is missing. I don't have this path at all.

(Also very strange that it says /../../)


So i need to know if anybody knows the fix, because it is really frustrating. Thank you!