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Bypass Readiness Check for Installing Extension (Cron / Square / Siteground)

Bypass Readiness Check for Installing Extension (Cron / Square / Siteground)


I have a Magento 2.3 installation on SiteGround. Due to SiteGround's policies on Shared accounts, they do not allow use of crontab. They require cron jobs to be manually entered in their cPanel.



I am trying to install a Square Payments extension. I linked up my access keys to the Magento Marketplace, and went to the Web Setup Wizard --> Module Manager to enable it.



After enabling it, I encounter an error during the readiness check.

Check Cron Scripts
Cron script readiness check failed. Hide detail

Error from Updater Application Cron Script:
Cron job has not been configured yet

For additional assistance, see cron scripts help.

Understanding that SiteGround does not allow cron scripts to work properly through crontab, I manually went through the code of the Square extension to find what cron scripts it needed to run (<app>/etc/crontab.xml). See code below.

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<config xmlns:xsi="" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="urn:magento:module:Magento_Cron:etc/crontab.xsd">
    <group id="square_cron_group">
        <!-- ==================== Customer Export ==================== -->
        <job name="customer_export" instance="Squareup\Omni\Cron\CustomerExport" method="execute">
            <schedule>5,35 * * * *</schedule>

        <!-- ==================== Customer Import ==================== -->
        <job name="customer_import" instance="Squareup\Omni\Cron\CustomerImport" method="execute">
            <schedule>10,40 * * * *</schedule>

        <!-- ==================== Location Import ==================== -->
        <job name="location_import" instance="Squareup\Omni\Cron\LocationsImport" method="execute">
            <schedule>0 * * * *</schedule>

        <!-- ==================== OAuth Refresh ==================== -->
        <job name="oauth_refresh" instance="Squareup\Omni\Cron\OauthToken" method="execute">
            <schedule>0 4 * * *</schedule>

        <!-- ==================== Transactions Import ==================== -->
        <job name="square_transactions_import" instance="Squareup\Omni\Cron\TransactionsImport" method="execute">
            <schedule>25,55 * * * *</schedule>

        <!-- ==================== Refunds Import ==================== -->
        <job name="square_refunds_import" instance="Squareup\Omni\Cron\RefundsImport" method="execute">
            <schedule>25,55 * * * *</schedule>

        <!-- ==================== Catalog Sync ==================== -->
        <job name="catalog_process" instance="Squareup\Omni\Cron\Catalog" method="execute">
            <schedule>15,45 * * * *</schedule>

        <!-- ==================== Inventory Sync ==================== -->
        <job name="inventory_process" instance="Squareup\Omni\Cron\Inventory" method="execute">
            <schedule>20,50 * * * *</schedule>

        <!-- ==================== Giftcard clean up ==================== -->
        <job name="square_gift_card_clean_up" instance="Squareup\Omni\Cron\Giftcard" method="execute">
            <schedule>37 * * * *</schedule>

        <!-- ==================== Images Sync ==================== -->
        <!--<job name="images_process" instance="Squareup\Omni\Cron\Images" method="execute">
            <schedule>59 * * * *</schedule>

        <!-- ==================== Remove Hanging Cron jobs ==================== -->
        <job name="hanging" instance="Squareup\Omni\Cron\Hanging" method="execute">
            <schedule>*/15 * * * *</schedule>

So I went into cPanel to manually enter the required jobs.


However, I still encounter the cron readiness error. I know that I have solved the problem, but the web setup wizard will not allow me to continue with the installation.



If I can find a way to skip the readiness check, I think the extension would work just fine. Is there a way to bypass the readiness check?


Any help is much appreciated. This is one of my first times working in-depth with Magento.


Re: Bypass Readiness Check for Installing Extension (Cron / Square / Siteground)

Hi @chillindud2a2c ,


can you try installing the extension using composer way using below command

composer require square/connect


Please check below Extension user guide for 2nd way


Hope this helps you!

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Re: Bypass Readiness Check for Installing Extension (Cron / Square / Siteground)

This is how I installed the extension. However I can not enable the module in the module manager.

Re: Bypass Readiness Check for Installing Extension (Cron / Square / Siteground)

Hi @chillindud2a2c,


According to the documentation, we don't need to use Extension manager to enable the extension.


1. Click on Download, you will be prompted to save the file.

2)  If you are installing fresh, version 1.0.0 or later: 

the extension uses the official Square SDK:

run command composer require square/connect -


If upgrading from an earlier version: 

please first remove the previous SDK by running:

composer remove adriansavuosf/squarepaymentssdk

then run command composer require square/connect


3) Command: composer dumpautoload

4) Upload and unzip the package on your server

5) Run magento setup:upgrade

6) Log out and then log back into the admin area.


Did you try the same process at your end once?


Hope this helps you,

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