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CSV Import for Order Creation

CSV Import for Order Creation


Not sure if this is the correct forum, but it's a start.

I'm trying to use the .csv import function to create a parts order. Goal being to stream line a repetitive task for my team and I. 

Before you ask, I'm just a user in this system. No admin rights. 


Every time I import I get a "file is corrupt and cannot be used" error. 
I have to assume my headers are wrong, or missing info. 

I'm just using SKU and Qty as headers. 

Hoping someone can shine a light on what going on. 


Thank you.







Re: CSV Import for Order Creation

Hello @georgemasu9381 


Ensure that the CSV file you are using for import adheres to the proper format. Here are a few guidelines to check:

  • Use a plain text editor to create the CSV file and avoid using spreadsheet software like Excel to save it as a CSV, as this may introduce formatting issues.
  • Make sure the file is saved with the ".csv" file extension.
  • Verify that the file encoding is set to UTF-8 without BOM (Byte Order Mark).

Ensure that there are no extraneous characters, special characters, or invisible characters in the file.

Confirm that the header names in your CSV file match the expected field names in Magento. For importing parts orders, the headers should typically include SKU and Qty. Ensure that the header names are spelled correctly and match the Magento attribute names exactly (case-sensitive).

Ensure that the column values under the respective headers contain the correct information. For example, under the SKU column, make sure you have valid SKU values for each product, and under the Qty column, provide the desired quantities for each product.

Double-check that the content of the CSV file is well-formed and follows the expected structure. Check for any missing or extra columns, empty rows, or formatting issues that may cause the corruption error

Create a small, simplified CSV file with only a few rows of data, containing basic information like SKU and Qty. Test importing this simplified file to see if it works without any errors. This can help isolate the issue and determine if it is related to the file format, content, or other factors.

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