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CSV import: product show in catalog but not storefront

CSV import: product show in catalog but not storefront



I am having a problem regarding products I've imported via CSV. Once the products have been imported they can be seen in the catalog from the admin panel, however they're not visible on the website.


He're is a step-by-step of what I did:


1. I manually created a 'simple product' by clicking Add Product > Simple Product in the catalog.


2. Checked the product was visible on the website. It was.


3. I exported the product as a CSV file.


4. I copied the row of the product (in the CSV file) and pasted it several times - changing just a few fields (SKU, name, url_key, base_image, etc.)


5. I saved the CSV file.


6. I imported it. 


7. Checked the products were visible in the admin area. They were.


8. Checked the products were visible on the website. They were not.


9. However, I did notice the products were visible if I typed  the URL.


10. The products will show on the website if I go onto each product on the catalog (after I've imported them) & change nothing - just click 'Save'.


Here are screenshots of the CSV file I uploaded. Hopefully someone can point out a mistake I've made.



Kind regards,

Grant Davies.


Re: CSV import: product show in catalog but not storefront

Most likely it is the matter of website. Check if you in your import file have column "product_websites" with website name or 'base'.
To attach your existing the products  to a website go to your back-end:

1) Products-> Catalog
2) Select products you need to update (or select all)
3) Actions - Update attributes
4) Chose tab 'Product In Websites' and check the box to apply website to selected products (main or other you have).

Here is also case study on the problem -

Store Manager for Magento 1.x and 2.x - inventory management tool to automatically update products, customers, orders, and other data across multiple sales channels and suppliers.

Re: CSV import: product show in catalog but not storefront



You'd need to specify the store_view_code in order for them to appear properly on frontend. 

Once done, be sure to reindex Magento. 

Fianlly, make sure that the products are listed in the right categories. All I can see from your file is that the products are in Default category, in my opinion it's worth adding them to a sub category and then try if that works. 


Please report back once you've taken the steps above.

Magento Certified Solution Specialist | Lead Magento developer
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