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Can not Assigne value from Custom Attribute

Can not Assigne value from Custom Attribute


Using magento 2.4.7 , clean install no modification .

Trying to create a configurable product, I have created custom Attribute ( Size ) , assigned to Attribute Set. In Admin , product Edit page, I can select value for the product , but when i save the page , that value disappears . I tried any combination but i can not set value and not persisting when saved. 

Any information would be appreciate .



Re: Can not Assigne value from Custom Attribute

always find the solution after asking here. problem seems to be with file ownership.

I use two user account for file and folder permission , for some reason , which i have to ask Linux user, as to why my file and folder permission keeps changing to www-data ..

I have followed the setup from magento doc .. and I have added user to www-data . in this case i should be able clear cache and or flush cache , which seems it fails without error .


Re: Can not Assigne value from Custom Attribute

I always manage to have my questions answered on this site. The ownership of the files appears to be the issue. My file and folder permissions continually changing to www-data, even though I use two user accounts for this purpose. I had to ask a Linux user why this happened. I have added a user to www-data and followed the setup instructions in the Magento documentation. Clearing or flushing the cache should be possible in this situation, but it appears to fail without error.

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