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Can't Import the Export - General System Exception Happened

Can't Import the Export - General System Exception Happened

"General System Exception Happened"


This is the error I receive when importing and export from the same database.


Oddly enough, when creating  a spreadsheet from scratch the import function works perfectly. 


When importing a spreadsheet that was previously exported from Magento 2.0.2 I get this error. In this particular instance we imported a series of products, then wanted to bulk-edit the category. Simply added the category info to the approrpiate column and tried uploading it. 


Someone elsewhere mentioned a need to re-encode the file as UTF-8, as a .txt file, which I'm not easily able to do on a Mac. 


The file is being opened in Excel 2016 for Mac (saved as CSV). I'm wondering if Excel does something to cause an issue. 


Anyone else have this problem, or willing to replicate? (simply export, change a quantity or category and reimport)?