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Can't add products to cart

Can't add products to cart

Hello there,


I have a problem, every time i try to add a product in my cart, the console shows the following error: 

"POST - 404"

I already checked if there was any duplicates but it is not the case.

Then i am redirect to a page that says "There is no product in the cart, click here to shop"

Sometimes appears another message that says "Invalid form key. Please refresh the page". I already incremented in max_execution_time (30000), max_input_time (30000), max_input_vars (10000), and memory_limit (2G).


But the situation doesn't change, i still can't add products, my magento version 2.3.7, anyone can help?


Re: Can't add products to cart

Have you submitted a crash report to the site admin? Or you can reset personal page klondike solitaire