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Can't save configurable Products

Can't save configurable Products


I can not setup any configurable products. I can select the attributes, setup them up and generate the products.

But once I hit the Save button this error appears and the config. products are gone and the product itself is not saved.

The "/home/customer/www/public_html/pub/media/tmp/catalog/product/m/p/fuchsia-3.jpg" file doesn't exist.

the  pub and all subfolders have 777 permissions.
Magento 2.3.3


Re: Can't save configurable Products

Hello @MadisonCooper 


If this is only for configurable product than please check below senario


Is there installed any module related to Configurable product?? if yes than please disable it and check it.


if not than please give owner permission to tmp folder like

chown u+x pub/media/tmp

chmod -R 777 pub/media/tmp


If answer is useful??? please Accept as Solution & give Kudos

Re: Can't save configurable Products

Hello @MadisonCooper,

Are you using the same image file while creating product which is showing in your error screenshot?

This error looks like due to missed image. You can check where to this image is being used?

Or to make sure place a image file at the same location with the same name and check.

I hope it will help you!

Re: Can't save configurable Products



This is possibly a problem with the server, with mod_securit, check this: