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Can't set a timezone

Can't set a timezone

Hi my M2.2.3 CE seems to be ignoring the timezone setting.

Stores -> General -> Locale option -> Timezone is set to my current timezone.

My php.ini's in both php7.1-cli and php7.1-fpm folders are also set to my timezone, thus phpinfo() also shows my timezone.


So when I make an API PUT call, and updating a product, all changes take effect accordingly, however the "updated_at" field being filled with GMT timezone, and not my current timezone. And API PUT call I make does not include any time-related data in the payload at all.

So I presume, Magento 2 automatically sets its current wrong GMT datetime for some reason


So how do I set correct timezone in Magento 2.2.3 CE?


Thank you.


I noticed this line in app/bootstrap.php file:


Can this be a reason? And if so, why wasn't it updated with my settings in admin area?

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Re: Can't set a timezone

Hi @overjolted,

I don't have a clear answer (and I haven't saw that error yet) but maybe you can check this link:

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