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Cannot access magento admin

Cannot access magento admin


I'm new to Magento and trying to evaluate it in virtualbox. Below is the configuration:
- Virtualbox 5.1.14
- Guest OS: Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard
- XAMPP for Windows 5.6.28
- Bitami Magento module v2.1.4

The guest VM is on Virtual box NAT network, port 80,443 forwarded to IP address which is the ip address of guest VM.

Inside the guest OS everything is working fine, I can access bitami dashboard and magento admin without any issue.

When I'm trying to access the magento admin on the host through the virtualbox interface, by using this url "" , the url changed to "" automatically after waiting for a few seconds and browser returned an error "This site can't be reached". If I try to access bitami dashboard there is no problem so I assume the port forwarding is working.

Anybody knows if there is anything wrong with my setup? Thanks.