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Cant add product as image gets error that no file exists

Cant add product as image gets error that no file exists


  1. Magento community 2.1.2
  2. VPS, Operating System: CentOS 7.x (64 Bit), PHP version: 7.0.25, apache

Steps to reproduce

  1. fil out add product fields in full
  2. upload image
  3. press save

Expected result

  1. product should save in backend and database

Actual result

  1. i get the error message that file does not exist or is not an image and it does not save, yet when i go to the folder in the file manager at below url it does exist and was uploaded



I read a post on github about people with the same issue on various versions of magento and the end comment was to "Find your php.ini file and look for upload_tmp_dir
Uncomment by deleting ; at the beginning of the line and add the pub/media/tmp folder"

seen here> #7178

i have now done this and checked it had saved and flushed cache but it remains the same i still cannot upload any products to start filling out my site, I have read about people saving not in categories and editing database manually for each product but that would not be a viable solution for the admins of the site as they are not that technical and need to add 1000s of products



i also tried adding all of the details first without the image and then saved which gets the product detail and url on the site but when i then go back to add the image i still get an error which this time is..
"Required parameter 'theme_dir' was not passed"

- so whatever the problem is it relates to the image upload only

i really hope someone is kind enough to help out Smiley Happy