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Catalog / Products page just keeps 'loading'

Catalog / Products page just keeps 'loading'

Catalog page (0 products, that's fine) just keeps showing the 'loading' animation. Cleared the cache, reindexed everything and initiated upgrade/deploy commands but nothing seems to work. I also can't add products (keeps 'loading').


Using latest version of Porto and Magento 2.2.5.


What's going on here?


Console errors:

[2018-08-14 04:28:43] [ERROR] Failed to load the "Magento_Ui/js/grid/columns/thumbnail" component. console-output-handler.js:34:17
ReferenceError: $view is not defined[More info]
knockout.js line 2624 > Function:3:55
[2018-08-14 04:28:44] [ERROR] Failed to load the "ui/grid/filters/elements/group" template requested by "product_listing.product_listing.listing_top.listing_filters.entity_id".


Re: Catalog / Products page just keeps 'loading'

your problem is solve or not? if solve so please help me i have facing the same issue.please help.