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Change simple product's weight with customizable options

Change simple product's weight with customizable options

Hi there.


My company sells chocolates online, with an emphasis on customer customizability. Almost every product we have comes in weight variations (e.g. a 0.15kg bag, 0.25kg bag, a 0.5kg box, etc.), which all draw from the same source stock as we pack them ourselves. We don't use automated stock management for this reason, but, when we do run out of stock, it's a lot of effort to disable all the configurable versions of the same product individually. In the past, this has caused problems when we accidentally miss one product or forget to re-enable it when more stock arrives.


We're in the process of migrating to Magento 2.3.5 and I'd like to rebuild our catalog using simple products with customizable options for each weight variation, so we only need to toggle one product as being in- or out-of-stock. However, I can't see a way to have this then link to the total shipping weight calculation, as the simple product's configuration only has one weight field. I found this question asked before which looks to want the same solution but didn't get an answer.


So, my question is this: without caring about stock management, can I change a simple product's shipping weight depending on the selected customisable options? An addon/script that overrides the default total-weight calculation would also work if anyone knows of one.


Thanks in advance for any help! Happy to give any more detail as requested.


Re: Change simple product's weight with customizable options

Hello @noahflambl2ba8 


Please try with the configurable product instead of the customizable option. so you can calculate the product weight in the shipping. and also use manage stock no based on your requirement. so stock will not update.


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Re: Change simple product's weight with customizable options

When we do run out of stock, we list the item as out-of-stock. We just don't use any automatic system or decrement stocks when an order is placed. The reason I don't want to use configurable products is that I then have to update, say, five products on the website every time one item that we stock runs out. We have a lot of different products by different names that draw from the same stock, so at times we forget about it and have to inform a customer that we can't fulfil their order!


So, I'm asking if there's any way to still have variable shipping weights but for a single simple product.