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Configurable Product options are missing.

Configurable Product options are missing.

I have created following product attributes.

Color - Type - Drop-down 

  Black, Blue, White

Bed Type - Type - Drop-down

  Single, Double


And used these attributes to create a configurable product. But on the product page, option values are missing. It is just showing "Choose an option".

I tried following cases

- Tried Changing both of the Attribute types from "Drop-down" to "Swatch" it started showing the values.

- Again changed the type from "swatches" to "Drop-down", option values are not showing.

- Tried setting one attribute to "Drop-Down" and another one to "Swatch", both are showing option values.


So the issue is when we set both of the attributes to "Drop-down" it doesn't work.


I tried clearing cache and re-indexing but didn't get any success.



Re: Configurable Product options are missing.

Hi @banshi


Looks like your configuration option have missing columns called QTY and PRICE and that is why its not showing on product details page !


Meaning when you are creating configuration option from configurable product - make sure you adde Quantity and Price in each and every column 


then check it will shows on dropdown - i have done same thing on magento 2.2.4 fresh version and its working at my end !

if issue solved,Click Kudos & Accept as Solution

Re: Configurable Product options are missing.

Hello @banshi


There is known bug of magento 2


please check above ticket you need to remove some entry from 


hope it will help you.