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Configurable product - SKU issue


Configurable product - SKU issue

I have configurable products  with a specific SKU for each color variant (i.e. base SKU + color code). When I updated my color variant, I got "SKU for product Polaris RZR Roof-Black Carbon Fiber has been changed to 19472-31-1." It should be "19472-31".


Why is it appending the "-1". I tried to remove the "-1" and save it, but it changed it to "19472-31-2". Every time I try to save the correct SKU, it increments by -1. Where are the other SKUs being stored and how do I get rid of them so my color variants can have the correct SKU? 


Re: Configurable product - SKU issue

Apologies... I found a duplicate SKU. How do I remove this post?