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Configurable product image gallery swatch issue

Configurable product image gallery swatch issue

Hi, i am in trouble with a issue.

Searching online i see it is a common issue but i did not find a good solution.


i have installed Magento 2.1.8, with some extensions (but disabling extensions the issue persists).


I have a configurable product with 1 image.

This products has many configurable options (3 attributes - size, color and packaging).

Color is a swatch image, as in the first screenshot (BSS ConfigurableProductsMatrixView) the thumbnails are ok.


Clickin one of the thumbnail i expect the image replace.

But the image replaced is not the right one. Every thumnail i click i see this image (cat), but, for example, this case i expected to see a dog.


This issue persists if i disable the BSS grid module, using the default magento configurable product .phtml


Anyone has encoutered this issue? How can i solve?



Re: Configurable product image gallery swatch issue

I too have this problem - did you manage to fix the issue?