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Configurable products SKU and Google

Configurable products SKU and Google

I have a configurable product where a customer can select a voltage, from 12v or 24v.


My understanding is that magento generates 2 simple products and in the process it generates an SKU for each option and appends the option values to its name & sku.


Config product
Name: My Product
SKU: product


Simple products

Name: Product 12v
SKU: product-12v


Name: Product 24v

SKU: product-24v


So my customers will potentially Google the part number to find a supplier at which point I want them to come through to my store. My simple products are set to not be visible on the store front and only the configurable product will show up - will google know about the SKUs or am I better off just creating 2 simple products and having them displayed on the store front?


Re: Configurable products SKU and Google

Thats the native nature of Magento Itself !


When we have configurable product its generates simple product based on their configurable options and that simple product not  displayed at frontend And those products urls are  not adding in sitemap.xml file and that's why google also not  crawl those products(SKUS) .


it will only crawl configurable product in this scenario.


So if some one google your product directly with part number , they will get the result as Configurable product and then you need to select specific configuration options from there.


But still as per Magento standard if we have this kind of product we must need to go with configurable product rather than creating simple product !!

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