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Consumers doesnt process the queue ( Bulk actions doesnt work )

Consumers doesnt process the queue ( Bulk actions doesnt work )

Hello after I tried to do a bulk edit I noticed that it just prints the message that its added to queue but nothing happens.

After googling it I found the original github issue alongside with other threads in this forum and S.O. but nothing of the solutions helped.

I started by doing a

ps aux | grep [c]onsumers

to check if the consumers were spawned.



bgzyjyj+ 17311  0.0  2.2 505412 91196 ?        S    12:47   0:02 /usr/bin/php7.3 /home/ queue:consumers:start product_action_attribute.update --single-thread --max-messages=10000
bgzyjyj+ 17313  0.0  2.2 505412 91184 ?        S    12:47   0:02 /usr/bin/php7.3 /home/ queue:consumers:start --single-thread --max-messages=10000
bgzyjyj+ 17315  0.0  2.2 505196 90204 ?        S    12:47   0:03 /usr/bin/php7.3 /home/ queue:consumers:start exportProcessor --single-thread --max-messages=10000
bgzyjyj+ 17317  0.0  2.2 505416 90260 ?        S    12:47   0:03 /usr/bin/php7.3 /home/ queue:consumers:start codegeneratorProcessor --single-thread --max-messages=10000

Everything were present and the cron was running normally.

I double checked the permissions of folders / files and everything was correct.

Then as someone suggest, I removed the consumers initialization from cron and I tried to spawn them manually after killing all the above processes .



 php bin/magento queue:consumers:start product_action_attribute.update

Nothing changed.

After that I checked the DB:

It has 1 record with the bulk update process


has 0 records


has 0 records

Has 1 record with the payload of the bulk update

Everything seems normal at the DB too.

Then I tried different configs for the env.php people suggested, like this:

'cron_consumers_runner' => [
 'cron_run' => true,
 'max_messages' => 2000, 
'consumers' => [

Killing the previous processes all the time but none of them work.

At this point as this was my first Magento site ever Im completely desperate as I dont know how to debug further. Is there any way to manually process the queue stack ? Does magento keep any logs for the Consumers that could help to identify the problem ? Anyone has any idea what else could be the issue?

Im using Magento2.3.4.

Thanks in advance!