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Content Blocks Backend not loading

Content Blocks Backend not loading

I'm not sure what caused this but out of nowhere my blocks in the backend of my Magento is not loading it sits there with a loading icon. 

I am also getting this error with a testing app

SyntaxError: Unexpected token < in JSON at position 85512


Magento Version: 2.2.2

PHP Verison: ea-php71

Litespeed Verison: 

5.2.3 (build 0) Active

MariaDB:  10.1

Cloudlinux: CLOUDLINUX 6.9 


I've tried the following:

1. Increasing max_memory from 128M to 512M.

2. Full System Restart / MYSQL Restart/Litespeed Restart

3. Cleared Local Cache/DNS/Restarted Computer/Different PC/Internet

4. Cleared Static/Var folders/files.

5. Reindexed