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Custom Admin URL issue

Custom Admin URL issue



I have  M2 (2.3.x) site that has two stores (say and

I am trying to setup a separate admin node using a custom URL (say


I know how to do this, but in this site for some reason when you then go to do the admin URL, it rediects you to and then of course throws a 404 error.


I have spend too many hours trying to find the cause of this issue.


Is anyone able to shed some light on what I might be missing, and where I might look for the cause of this issue.


I have done this before a few times without issue, but this particular install is giving me grief.


Thanks heaps



Re: Custom Admin URL issue

Hi @mikehobin ,


I am hoping you are using below way to change the admin url in magento

Can you trying refreshing your cache.

  • Enter to the Admin panel to clear the Magento cache: System> Cache Management> Flush Magento Cache;
  • Return to the server, go to the var/cache folder and delete its content


Hope this helps you!

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