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Customer login session issues.

Customer login session issues.


My first magento 2 site about to go live . but I have started with Customer login issue. This seems to me session / cookies related. after deleting cookies and session from browser I can ( Customer ) login to the site . but at times when session expires i can not log back in . no error messages just the page that i am refreshes back . I have set cookie path to " / " and Cookie domain to 

In cookies I noticed some of cookie domain had a dot ( not sure why since i didn't set subdomains. For past 4 days I been searching for answer to this issue and yet i found nothing that can solve my problem . Admin login is not effect only Frontend . 

Any suggetion would be great . 

PS: magento 2.4.1 and serving from pub folder in production mode. 



Re: Customer login session issues.


You can try the below solution:

Go to: Magento backend -> System -> Configuration -> Web -> Default Cookie Settings -> Cookie Lifetime -> Set cookie lifetime to "86400" and save

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Re: Customer login session issues.

Hi and Thanks for reply. 

Finally found the issue ( i hope ) . 

I had my site set to Production . I have modified my Vhost on apache2 to point to pub folder . I modified env.php as well. however, env.php modification was not saved . 

Also In footer I had few hard coded links to CMS page set to HTTPS  I have no SSL enabled at this stage . while translating CMS to other languages . I was clicking on the links and this including env.php issue was causing problems with Cookies and Sessions. after changes made . for past 2 days , i have not yet encounter Customer login issue. this also solved my sitempa.xml 404 error .