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Database Errors Following Migration


Database Errors Following Migration

Following our Migration from Magento 1.9, our system.log is getting bloated with errors like the following:
[2017-06-27 22:58:40] main.WARNING: Attempt to load value of nonexistent EAV attribute '995' for entity type 'Magento\Catalog\Api\Data\CategoryInterface'. [] []


During Migration we were getting errors with those entity types, and so we removed them directly from the database(I know, terrible idea), it allowed the Migration to proceed without error, but now we have 2 issues with our system, these errors, and whenever a product is Saved, it gets kicked out of its Categories. Not sure if these are related.

How do I go about restoring or fixing the problematic entries? If I identify the products in question with these attributes, will remaking those products fix the issue? How would I go about doing this?

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Re: Database Errors Following Migration



Hey, after remove eav_attribute, you need to remove from catalog_eav_attribute 


Hope it will work for you.


If works then mark as solution.

Re: Database Errors Following Migration

I had previously deleted them form eav_entity_attribute I believe, but I removed them from catalog_eav_attribute and it still had the error, so I also removed them from eav_attribute (this time making backups of the data first), and that has stopped the errors in the system.log.

However, whenever I save a product it still kicks that product out of all its categories, so apparently these are unrelated issues.

Re: Database Errors Following Migration

Just to help others, i'll try to add new information.


For us, we did a migration from m1 to m2 too.

In our case the attributes were added on catalog_category_entity_int and catalog_category_entity_varchar, just searching for attribut_id field, after we removed them the error log stopped ocurr.