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Date changing to 2020

Date changing to 2020

I've looked far and wide for an answer to this problem and could not find one.
Perhaps you can help.

The Problem:
In the Magento Admin Backend Panel, I am trying to set the Special Price Date so that the original price shows along with the discounted price (on the catalog page). My problem is that regardless of the date I input, it always changes the year to 2020. I've tried selecting the date in calendar, I've tried typing it out. Always the same result.

Where am I making these changes:
Admin Panel :: Product/Catalog/ edit -> advanced pricing

Additional Note:
I checked if this happens with other date selections and had the same exact problem with the "Set Product as New From" field. The date I input stays the same except for the year which keeps defaulting to 2020 no matter which year I input. The year appears correctly on new orders placed and in other places. This seems to be specific to the Backend panel on any datepicker where I can set a date.


Re: Date changing to 2020

Have you a solution?

I have the same problem in Promotions too!

If try to set the date from/to not save and error and date change in 2020 or 2030...

If I not set the date from / to save normally!