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Default Billing Address Not Being Set

Default Billing Address Not Being Set



I have an issue with the default billing address being set. We feed orders into an external system, Navision, which follows the process of first creating a customer using their name, email address and the information stored in the address book. At this point it expects a default billing and delivery address available.


Once the customer record is created it then processes the order.


Here's where the issue lies, if you make a purchase for the first time you are asked for the delivery address with the option to set that as your default billing address. If you do then this is used against the order.


The problem is that this billing address which you set isn't actually set as your default billing address within your account.


Is there a way around this? Is this a Magento bug? I'm not sure but need help.


Sorry, I hope this all makes sense Smiley Happy