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Default View for Frontend

Default View for Frontend

Magento 2.2.1


My store only has one view - "Default Store View".  I have imported all of my products and have been making updates from admin while "All Store Views" has been selected.  All changes have been successfully reflected on the frontend until today. 


For some reason the changes were note reflected in the frontend or on the product list in admin.  However, when going back to one of the products that I had changed, the changes were there and that is when I discovered that if I switched to "Default Store View" specifically would it not show my updates.  


#1. Should I have been using this specific view while making edits or is this some kind of bug?  I would think that having only one defined view that all views ("All Store Views" and "Default Store View") in the backend admin would reflect the same details.


#2. Is there a way to copy all of these changes to "Default Store View"?  Can this view be deleted?


Thank you!


Re: Default View for Frontend

I have the same problem, I am changing all the products one by one Smiley Frustrated