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Different Inventory with different sizes

Different Inventory with different sizes



i have a product (trousers) with different sizes and different colors.

But in my inventory i have to every size and color different inventories. 

For Example:


Worker Jeans


Dropdown Menü Color:

- Green

- Blue

- Red



- 34

- 36

- 38


When i take the Green Trousers with the size 34 i have another inventory as like the Blue Trousers in size 38.

Now when my Green Jeans in size 36 is out of stock i cant delete it. When i delete now size 36 no one can order a trousers in blue or red with size 36...


A little bit confused. But know anyone how i can give every size or color a different stock?


Re: Different Inventory with different sizes



Do you have variations of sizes and colors created as custom options? Since custom options do not allow to track inventory and even in case you do not have that item in stock it shill will be showing in drop-down.


To track inventory of variations you need to use parent configurable product with variations of color and size created as associated simple products.

Check the comparison od custom options vs configurable products -

Store Manager for Magento 1.x and 2.x - inventory management tool to automatically update products, customers, orders, and other data across multiple sales channels and suppliers.