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Different tax configuration per store view

Different tax configuration per store view


I'm building a new magento 2 store (Magento ver. 2.3.5-p1) with 2 store views (a b2b and a b2c store). I'm facing a problem configuring taxes.

What I want to achieve:


1. A B2C store (store view) where prices in clatalog and product page should include taxes. 

2. A B2B store (store view) where prices in clatalog and product page should exclude taxes.


I tried everithing and now my B2C store shows in category and product page the product price including taxes (And that's OK), but in my B2B store it include taxes as well... But then, if I add this product to my cart, in my b2b store it shows in the cart and checkout without taxes (and the taxes are added in the total and that's right).


For my b2b site, I used the tier price option and upoaded all prices including taxes.


How can I show in my b2b store prices without taxes?


Thank you in advance!!!!


Re: Different tax configuration per store view

That is very smart. I can say that for sure, considering I decided to follow the same approach. By the way, do you use any online tool such as paystub for cashing the payrolls? Your store's tax settings allow you to configure tax options and tax display settings which work in conjunction with your tax services to calculate and display tax on the storefront and control panel. By diving them, you are actually able to diversify your portfolio and positively impact your credit score if done right.

Re: Different tax configuration per store view

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