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Directory forbidden chmod 777 -R

Directory forbidden chmod 777 -R


I've a problem with my Magento (2.2.2).

I can't create customer and login with existing customer.


There is that in log file:

2018/07/17 13:55:51 [error] 82#82: *1668 directory index of "/var/www/html/pub/media/contentmanager/content/cache/120x180/" is forbidden, client:, server: , request: "GET /media/contentmanager/content/cache/120x180/ HTTP/1.1", host: "", referrer: "private_link"


I tried "chmod 777 -R pub/" but nothing...


Help please?



Re: Directory forbidden chmod 777 -R

This error has nothing to do with the log entry.


The log entry is saying that some request was made to #yourdomain# /media/contentmanager/content/cache/120x180/


This is not supposed to work, as this is an directory.


There should have been some filename in the URI which would be the image loaded here but solving this will not change anything with your customers. Check your reports/ magento logs for errors about this.


I also advice strongly against ever using "chmod 777 -R" on a linux system.