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Display error notification

Display error notification



The notification - either success or failure, is not showing at the desired position. There is an email subscribe button at the footer of my website. When I enter the subscribe button and press enter, the success notification is coming below the banner on the top. 


Is there any way, I can position it below the subscribe button? PFA the screenshot for reference + the website:

image (1).png



Rgrds David


Re: Display error notification

There was a spelling mistake in the website name:

image (1).pngimage.png

Re: Display error notification


First of all you have to know from which template its rendering, For that you can enable the template path Hints for the storefront :
Store > Configuration > Advanced > Debug > Enabled Template Path Hints for Storefront > Yes


After that cache flush and then reload the storefront page, now you will get the path of the template and then check there and define the correct position.

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