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Elasticsearch constantly crashes

Elasticsearch constantly crashes

Hi Folks


I'm having a complete nightmare with a new installation of M2.4.1 open source and elasticsearch.


I'm not sure I trust the Magento documentation because it all seems to reference 2.3+ and I understand 2.4 implementation is different; it's Elasticsearch or nothing apparently. So is it still relevant I ask myself.


I have circa 5,000 products in Magento and 8GB of RAM on the server. Seems the system is killing elasticsearch because it's chewing up all the RAM.


Does this seem right?


Maybe I just need to allocate more RAM to the cloud server but it's an expensive decision if it doesn't fix it.


Any help greatly appreciated - but be gentle, the whole concept of elasticsearch is new to me and I'm finding most of the documentation tells me what to do but not how. I have a million browser tabs open trying to cross-reference...